A potent anti-inflammatory


100% Pure Cold Pressed Digitata Adansonia (Baobab) Oil.


Extracted from one of the most iconic trees in Eastern and

Southern Africa, baobab oil is considered one of the most

anti-oxidant-rich oils in the world. The high content of

vitamins A and E, essential fatty acids and sterols makes

it incredibly nourishing and healing. Due to its antiinflammatory

properties, it is highly effective in reducing

redness and is often used to treat skin irritations.

• Rub onto stretch marks or skin irritations to reduce

redness, soothe the skin and help with scarring.

Also great for people with rosacea.

• Can be used as a daily moisturiser as it absorbs

very quickly and doesn’t clog pores, leaving skin

silky and smooth.

• Use as a natural cleanser. Because oil dissolves oil,

cleaning with this nutrient-rich oil will not leave your

skin greasy. Massage in and then rinse with water.

• High vitamin A, B and C content, improves collagen

production and skin elasticity.


Significant Organics Baobab Oil


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