Extracted from a living plankton bloom in the Atlantic Ocean, Quinton offers nature's complete spectrum of nutritional elements: minerals, electrolytes, vitamins & micronutrients. The cold-filtered marine plasma is diluted with carefully chosen spring water to achieve the same consistency as our blood plasma, making this a excellent product to naturally resore the nutritional balance within our cells. This therefore affects every area of our physiology, with some of the main benefits including: Strengthening the inmune system, improving digestion, supporting deeper sleep, and helping with physical and emotional balance.  Due to its high content of magnesium and hydrating electrolytes, this product is also excellent for improving resilience during physical and mental efforts.

Quinton is the only natural, organically purified, raw, unheated seawater solution available as a nutritional supplement.



Quinton Isotonic Marine Plasma

  • Consume 1-6 amapoules daily.

    Quinton marine plasma is ideal for long term use and should be part of your daily health routine.

  • Supplied in a box of 30 x 10ml ampoules.

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