Quinton Hypertonic is pure Quinton marine plasma that is three times the mineral concentration of your blood. Extracted from a living plankton bloom in the Atlantic Ocean, Quinton offers nature's complete spectrum of nutritional elements: minerals, electrolytes, vitamins & micronutrients.


Hypertonic is the ideal support before, during and after any type of physical, mental or emotional stress.  It provides a more rapid re-mineralisation that is ideal for enhancing sports performance, increasing mental focus and alertness for better business decisions, and boosting your immune system when you feel you are about to go down with a virus or other infection.


Quinton is the only natural, organically purified, raw, unheated seawater solution available as a nutritional supplement.



Quinton Hypertonic Marine Plasma

  • Consume 1 amapoule before, during or after periods of high physical or mental, or to boost the inmune system when you feel you are about to get sick.

    Quinton Hypertonic is best consumed during the morning as some people have reported problems with sleeping if taken too late in the day!

  • Supplied in a box of 30 x 10ml Amapoules 

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