This product works by optimising the development of a deep uniform protective suntan, which is the most natural, effective and durable sun protection possible against all serious skin cancers. This is not an immediate sun block! For circumstances demanding immediate sun protection, see Extreme UV-Sun-Defense Lotion.  This is a slightly diluted creamier version of the one of our top products which is the concentrated Bio-Nutricell.

Gaia Organics Nutricell Body Lotion/Sun Damage Healing 250ml

  • Shake well, puddle into a cupped hand, rub carefully between and over the hands and spread thinly over the arms, face, neck and other areas exposed to the sun. Avoid initial contact with clothing and other fabrics until absorbed into the skin.

    Waterproof, but re-apply lightly if toweled-off and further optimal coverage is required.

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