Most tap water systems use the chemical clorine to disinfect the water. 

This make your skin dry, sensitive, flaky and itchy. It irritates your eyes and makes your hair dry and unmanageable. Worse yet, chlorine penetrates through the skin causing all sorts of physiological issues. We are simply not designed to have chlorine on us.  With this purification sytem, chlorine is reduced by 95% and also reduced are other heavy metals and sustances like iron, lead, mercury and hydrogen sulfide. Bacterial, fungal and mildew growth are also effectively inhibited. 

DeLuxe Showerwise Shower Filtration System

R1 600,00Price
  • Filter Length 4.7" (12 cm)
    Diameter 3.4" (9 cm)
    Length with Showerhead 7.5"
    (19 cm)

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