Air & Water Filters

Although the modern technological era has improved our quality of life in many ways, the amount of environmental toxins we are now exposed to has come as a byproduct of this rapid change.  Motor vehicle emissions, industrial waste and other pollutants have substantially decreased the quality of the air we breathe.  And with the presence of toxic heating and cooking technologies, building materials, mould and synthetic home products like carpets we are even at more of a risk inside! Industrial waste has also destroyed our water supply, and although good purification systems are used, toxic chemicals like Chlorine are often used to disinfect tap water, and the presence of various harmful heavy metals are also a possibility to fund despite government authorities trying to convince us otherwise.  At FPL we take this seriously,  and although the best solutions come through lifestyle strategies, we believe the following 3 products can help us limit our exposure to environmental toxins in a natural way. 




Human Health & Performance Optimisation 

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