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Online Holistic Lifestyle Program


For millions of years, our health was an obsession as we knew it was necessary to continue the existence of the tribe. We now prioritise material possessions and seek instant pleasures which most of the time lead to us destroying our bodies. What we need to understand is that our physical appearance, our happiness, and our physical and mental performance are all totally dependant on our health. If we want to live a fulfilling life their is no way around prioritising our health and reconnecting with nature. We should therefore make this a priority. 

All living organisms including human beings evolved in a specific environment, and our genes and biology have adapted over millions of years to allow us to to survive and thrive in that environment. When the environment changes faster than our genes can adapt, mismatch occurs. This is the case of our society, which is currently the unhealthiest it has ever been in history with chronic disease, obesity, and musculoskeletal conditions at at its highest point ever. This shouldn't come as a surprise. Instead of eating natural foods provided by the earth, we now consume processed foods and medical drugs leaving our health dependant on money-making institutions. Instead of waking up and cooling down in tune with the natural rhythms of the earth,  we are now bombarded by artificial light, go to bed late, and on average sleep 2 to 3 hours less than our ancestors. Instead of being physically active throughout the day, we have now become sedentary and spend most of the day sitting down whether it’s at work, in the car or on the sofa.  In the past 100 years, our lifestyles have changed more than in the previous thousands, and we haven't been able to adapt in time. 

All health imbalances have the same cause, we either have an excess of toxic compounds or a have deficiency of nutrients. Although its impossible to avoid our modern environment, we can all better align our diet and lifestyle with our genes and biology. In this program we combine the latest science, with ancestral wisdom and a holistic and individualised approach, to provide you with provide personalised eating plans, sleep optimisation and detoxification strategies, as well as stress management rituals and other lifestyle advice to help narrow the gap with our natural environment. 






Human Health & Performance Optimisation