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Individualized Functional Training

Move freely, manage physical pain, gain muscle and drop fat, improve health foundationally 

With a holistic and integrated approach, we aim to create a body that can move with the ease we are all naturally born with, while being able to handle the needs of our current environment. Our sedentary lifestyles, bad postural habits and other lifestyle stressors create adhesions and restrictions in the fascia which limit our range of motion. We respond to this by producing movement compensations which limit our performance and can lead to injury or pain. Our approach at FPL begins by rectifying restrictions and stimulating new neural associations, that will lead to functional movement. 


The health and fitness industry is currently based on established dogmas. Exercises like squats, dead lifts and bench presses have been prevailing all around the world. In addition to this, standard gyms, though isolating equipment, have come up with solutions to allow people to train dispute their postural and movement dysfunctions. All of this has led to an epidemic of chronic pain and injuries which are at its highest point in history. This is not a surprise as humans are simply not designed to isolate muscles or lift objects up and down. We have evolved primarily to walk and run, and this is evident by observing how our fascia is connected through the body. Training without addressing restrictions or imbalances, or without respecting how humans are designed create inefficient neurological patterns that completely disrupt natural movement. This is simply going to keep you far away from reaching your peak potential and in many cases is going to lead to injury or pain. At FPl we make sure you are operating functionally and we then completely tailor the training towards your specific fitness objectives ensuring sustainable results are achieved. 

Sport Specific Conditioning

Reach Your peak Performance

At FPL we cover all phases of athletic development from rehabilitation, to the reinforcement of movement fundamentals, to performance conditioning. We all have mechanical laws present in the human body. We are built in proportion, and there are therefore certain joint angles and sequencing patterns from where we are the strongest and most efficient. This is the same regardless of sport performed, so before we train an athlete, its essential to first make sure they know how to function as a human. 

In explosive sports like rugby, soccer and hockey, a big part of strength comes down to how much leverage you have. The more leverage, the more force you can apply, but most sport involve 3d movement and leverage is limited. Conventional exercises simply isolate strength without considering pressures of time, neuromuscular control, dynamic stability and coordination. This simply doesn’t represent real life movements. At FPL, though our unique equipment and methods, aim to simulate the demands present in a sport while constantly screening and rectifying discrepancies. 


More repetitive sports like endurance activities require absolute efficiency in order to perform well. Connecting the body the way it's designed and focusing on movement fundamental will outweigh many hard hours of hitting the pavement. 


Other sports like mountain biking involve the control of eternal objects and this requires a specific selection of exercises in order to simulate these demands.


Move freely, manage physical pain, gain muscle and drop fat, improve health foundationally 

Youth athletic development

Build a foundation to succeed in any sport

We provide specialized training protocols to develop and equip young athletes from the age of 8 with the movement foundation they will need to succeed in any sport. Physical education all over the world overemphasizes aspects such as max strength and endurance while completely neglecting movement fundamentals. We need to know how to differentiate fitness from movement. It's very common to see kids succeed in competition or fitness tests despite movement dysfunctions. However, researchers keep showing how these kids are at a high risk of injury due to asymmetries and poor efficiency in their movement, and will never be able to reach their genetic potential performing in this manner. If you condition an athlete without addressing movement patterns you are just going to reinforce bad habits. On the other hand, there are many kids who show good movement quality and do not perform well in competitions. This can be due to genetic factors or lack of exposure to other sports or activities, but these kids have a much higher chance of succeeding in any sport as soon as they are conditioned. 


While we focus on general movement mechanics with our youngest athletes, once the athlete goes into his/her late teenage years we start specifying the training to suit their sport specific demands, while still constantly screening and correcting movement patterns. 

Mixed Martial Arts

Challenge yourself and learn a martial art

MMA is a very complete sport which helps develop abilities like speed, mobility, strength, power, agility and coordination. Although we don't view this sport as a replacement for functional movement training, it serves as an excellent complement providing a fun and exciting workout very beneficial for general health and fitness. As any martial art, there is an element of strategy involved and develops physical toughness and some mental values and abilities applicable to any area of life, something that cant be accomplished with regular fitness training alone. With 1 on 1 or small group options available, apart from the technical aspects of the sport, we pay close attention to the movement characteristics displayed to ensure the benefits gained from the training can be applied to other sports or daily activities. With various options available, we can accommodate all levels of ability. 

Holistic Lifestyle Guidance 

Realign with our biological roots

All living organisms including human beings evolved in a specific environment, and our genes and biology have adapted over millions of years to allow us to to survive and thrive in that environment. When the environment changes faster than our genes can adapt, mismatch occurs. This is the case in our society, which is currently the unhealthiest it has ever been in history with chronic disease, obesity, and musculoskeletal conditions at at its highest point ever. 

Instead of eating natural foods provided by the earth, we now consume processed foods and medical drugs leaving our health dependant on money-making institutions. Instead of waking up and cooling down in tune with the natural rhythms of the earth,  we are now bombarded by artificial light, go to bed late, and on average sleep 2 to 3 hours less than our ancestors. Instead of being physically active throughout the day, we have now become sedentary and spend most of the day sitting down whether it’s at work, in the car or on the sofa.  In the past 100 years, our lifestyles have changed more than in the previous thousands, and we haven't been able to adapt in time.

All health imbalances have the same cause, we either have an excess of toxic compounds or a have deficiency of nutrients. Although its impossible to avoid our modern environment, we can all better align our diet and lifestyle with our genes and biology. In this program we combine the latest science, with ancestral wisdom and a holistic and individualised approach, to provide you with personalised plans to improve diet, sleep detoxification and stress. 

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