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Developing the Youth

We provide specialized training protocols to develop and equip young athletes from the age of 8 with the movement foundation they will need to succeed in any sport. Physical education all over the world overemphasizes aspects such as max strength and endurance while completely neglecting movement fundamentals. We need to know how to differentiate fitness from movement. It's very common to see kids succeed in competition or fitness tests despite movement dysfunctions. However, researchers keep showing how these kids are at a high risk of injury due to asymmetries and poor efficiency in their movement, and will never be able to reach their genetic potential performing in this manner. If you condition an athlete without addressing movement patterns you are just going to reinforce bad habits. On the other hand, there are many kids who show good movement quality and do not perform well in competitions. This can be due to genetic factors or lack of exposure to other sports or activities, but these kids have a much higher chance of succeeding in any sport as soon as they are conditioned. We all have mechanical laws present in the human body. There is a proportion in our musculoskeletal system, and there is, therefore, joint angles and sequencing patterns where we are the most efficient and from where we can apply the largest amount of force. This is the same regardless of the sport they perform, so learning how to effectively apply these fundamentals from a young age will create a huge competitive advantage for any athlete.


While we focus on general movement mechanics with our youngest athletes, once the athlete goes into his/her late teenage years we start specifying the training to suit their sport specific demands, while still constantly screening and correcting movement patterns. With 1 on 1 training as well as small group training available,  we are able to help any aspiring athlete build a strong foundation to attain a long and sustainable career in a sport. 



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