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At FPL we cover all phases of athletic development from rehabilitation, to the reinforcement of movement fundamentals, to performance conditioning . Sport is all about movement, so a body in balance will be the key to sustained performance. We all have mechanical laws present in the human body. We are built in proportion, and there are therefore certain joint angles and sequencing patterns from where we are the most efficient and from where we can apply the maximun amount of force. This is the same regardless of sport performed, so before we train an athlete for their specific sport, its essential that they first know how to function as a human.


Past injuries, dysfunctional postural habits and other stressors create restrictions and length tension imbalances which lead to dysfunctional movement patterns. This creates excessive shear on the joints, stresses the muscles and tendons, and ends up showing up in injury and pain. At FPL, we biomechanically analyze each individual in search for mobility, stability and motor control issues. This must be rectified immediately so we can create new neural associations and  learn to stabilize and hold tension authentically, allowing the furthur development of efficient movement patterns. Although some athletes can perform well despite dysfunctional movement, researchers just keep showing how they are at a very high risk of injury, and they will not reach their genetic potential performing in this manner. Any skill performed in a sport requires an athlete to know how to position their body in space, sequence their movements and effectively align their joints supported by a stable foundation.  Learning key movement principles will therefore provide a huge competitive advantage. Once we've built a strong movement foundation, we then can then go ahead and develop sport specific demands.


We need to understand that in any sport our bodies function as an integrated unit where ever part works in synergy to create whole body movement. Different sports also involve different planes of motion and require different biomotor abilities which can include coordination, power, speed, reaction time, balance, mobility, and different types of strength demands. Many of these need to be performed simultaneously in most real life situations. A good example is running, which is used in many sports. To be fast you need to have speed, power, strength, mobility and coordination. Your legs and arms primarily work in a sagittal plane while you trunk rotates in a transverse plane. Force is applied from the feet upwards, every muscle in the body is used, opposite arms and legs work together through what is referred to as ‘contra-lateral reciprocations’ and the core needs to provide a stable foundation in order for the limbs to do their job. Isolating muscles or working these variables separately just doesn't make sense in order to optimize performance. 


What separates FPL from conventional approaches is really how we integrate all an athletes needs into one system. With our clearly defined training model, innovative equipment, unique training principles and our knowledgeable and ambitious team, we are ready to guide you towards you ultimate goals. Suitable for anyone regardless of age or level of ability. 

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