General manager, Trainer and Holistic Lifestyle Practitioner.

I have always been a sports enthusiast. Born and brought up in Madrid, Spain, I started playing football when I was 6 years old. When I was 16 I moved to South Africa and my football career came to an end, that is where I took up canoeing. Trying too make up for my late entrance in the sport, I engaged a no pain no gain mentality prioritising quantity of training over quality, and after only 1 year in the sport I had constant neck and shoulder pain and needed to find solutions. Ive tried multiple physios, chiropractors and biokineticist and couldn't found no improvements apart from short term relief. Thats what motivated me to get into this field, and since then have obsessively studied the human body in a holistic manner. I have only started to see 

Thats when I found out about Functional Patterns 

All comes down to moving functionality and looking a t the body as a whole. 

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