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An innovative and unconventional way of viewing the body

At FPL we enhance the function and performance of the human body from its fundamental roots. What makes us different from other approaches comes down to how we relate the exercises and training to our biological adaptations. Every muscle in our body exists because a function drove its existence. Walking and running on 2 legs is clearly the defining trait of the human organism. The proportions of our musculoskeletal system, the way our joints move, how our fascia connects through our body, how our nervous system is wired, etc. Our bodies are built around walking and running as efficiently and effectively as possible and it only makes sense to train according to these mechanisms.


Every client will undergo a movement analysis and a corrective and functional exercise regimen will then be prepared based on individual needs and specific objectives. A functional body is the baseline for any aspect of the human potential. 


What we do

body in which all biological systems work in synergy  leading to an optimal feeling of well-being.  

  • optimise Sport Performance 

A functional body will create an ideal length tension relationship between muscles, allowing the optimal alignment of joints during movement, and maximising the reciprocal stretch reflexes of the fascia. With such foundation, integrating our sport specific training will sharpen the edge in terms of performance. 

  • Manage physical pain

Address pain by balancing the body on a global level. In most cases chronic pain stems from altered movement patterns which place excessive strain on certain regions. Instead of treating a specific area, we address the underlying cause by learning how to move functionally. 

  • Loose weight and build muscle

Weight gain is a result of poor health on a global level in which the nervous system prioritises fat storing hormones. With the combination of training with diet and lifestyle guidance, we aim to achieve the right metabolic effect as well as the anabolic/catabolic that would yield the desired results.

  • Improve energy and mental focus 

The lack of energy or mental focus is an inefficient body, and in most cases this is combined with high amounts of inflammation and toxicity, The right training and lifestyle regimen will improve important biological processes, will optimise mitochondrial function and will train the nervous system to stimulate the right hormones at the right time. 

  • Improve resilience to stress

Shallow breathing and an uneven distribution of tensions through the body stimulates the stress response through the activation of the sympathetic nervous system. Addressing this must bee the baseline to manage stress.  

About Us

FPL is driven by a passion and a deep obsession to figure of how the human body is designed to function.  This has its roots in our desire to overcome our own dysfunctions and  injuries we have developed following conventional approaches. Through our experience, we have realised  that the health and fitness industry is currently based on certain dogmas.  But in the last decade their have been scientific discoveries which have completely changed the way we view the body, and pioneers in the field have done a great job creating systems which are showcasing incredible results previously unheard of.  We have been fortunate to be able to spend time and learn from some of the best minds in the field, and combine this with our own experience and obsessive research to provide this approach. At FPL, we are never fixated on a certain view of how things should work, but we are always challenging our beliefs with the goal of continually evolving. 



Functional Patterns Practitioner 

I have always had a passion for sports. Born and brought up in Madrid, Spain, I started playing football when I was 6 years old. It was when I was 16 that I moved to South Africa and my football career came to an end, and thats where I took up canoeing. Trying to make up for the late entrance in the sport, I trained with the wrong no pain no gain mindset, and after only 1 year my body couldn't keep up. I had constant neck and shoulder pain and searched for all kind of solutions.


Ive tried multiple biokineticists, physios and chiropractors but couldn't find any improvementsdespite short term relief.  Thats what motivated me to get into this field, and since then have obsessively studied the human body in a holistic manner.


During this journey I found out about functional patterns, a holistic and integrated training system. The techniques and exercises used at FP were completely different from anything I have ever tried. Its all based on creating myofascial connections and neural associations which are based on the biological adaptations we have made throughout our evolution. Everything just made so much sense, and I decided to dig deep into the system.  After spending some time with the FP team in Spain I have now become a certified FP practitioner. My goal is to guide my clients towards their fitness goals, helping them address their dysfunctions and maximise their performance in an intelligent and sustainable manner. 



Head of Performance and athletic development

Ive spent 8 years in the States training as a professional decathlete where I was fortunate to be able to train in the some of the best training centres in the world with elite coaches. Despite this however, I suffered constant injuries in the gym which kept limiting my potential. 

Thats when I found out about SSL, a training system owned and run by Gavin Macmillian, and thanks to him and this system I was able to recover from all my injuries and reach performance levels I never though possible.  SSL is an unconventional approach aimed at addressing the specific demands present in a sport in the safest possible way.


Athletes all over the world still abuse heavy weight training, but my journey has made me realise that this is not the optimal way to train an athlete. Although there are world class athletes training in this manner, many more get injured and fail to perform at their highest  level. Any sport requires many abilities in addition to strength. This can include speed, coordination, mobility. agility, etc. All of this is ignored in heavy weight training. Heavy weight training simply has little applicability the the demands a sport actually poses,  and at the same time,  it comes with many side effects due to the heavy loads involved. 

Throughout my decathlon career and time at SSL, I have been fortunate to work with top athletes and have learned invaluable  lessons which I now share as a coach. I currently run an official SSL in my home town, Harare, Zimbabwe, and at FPL I am in charge of screening and providing consulting services for for high level athletes. 



I’ve always had a passion for sports. I started off with Tennis at the age of 5, and played quite competitively in Spain until the age of 14. Towards those last few years, I started to dabble in a bit of triathlon, and ended up racing competitively in that as well. I moved from Spain-South Africa at 14, and started with Decathlon.


Unfortunately I never got to compete in a full decathlon due to an injury cutting that short (stress fractures), but it’s also what led me to start Downhill MTB, which is the sport I have focused on since. Ive sustained injuries in all those sports I competed in, mainly from crashes on the bike now but also from incorrect movement patterns, poor training and overall weaknesses in the past.


Looking back I know I could’ve avoided all those injuries with a facility like FPL and all the knowledge behind it. Through those injuries I had to deal with a lot of doctors, physio’s, biokineticists, trainers…etc and it wasn’t until I came across Keegan and SSL that I was really able to sort my body out. Having trained in all those different sports and having had to learn the skills quickly (I represented South Africa at World Champs in my first season racing), and now through working with other athletes, I have gained an understanding of the demands behind different sports and how to train for them effectively. I’m still competing at a high level and therefore always searching for new methods to improve performance for myself and my athletes.

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Additional In-House Services 


Jill Sindle

Recreational cyclist and runner

Ive been a recreational athlete for many years but often setback by injuries and no matter how hard I trained never seemed to get faster and stronger. With 3 months of training with Javier at FPL I saw results I never thought possible. My running pace has increased significantly and I've seen huge gains in mountain biking. With a strong core and more stability, the speed of both my climbing and confidence in descending has improved. Javier meets you at your level and works with such knowledge and attention to detail to ensure the correct muscles are activating in every movement. Each session is different and builds on your progress to ensure that you are continuously challenged. 

Jasper Barret


South African Junior Downhill Champion

The training methods and equipment used at FPL allow me to meet all the demands I face as a Downhill Mountain Bike rider in a very safe way. We have been working a lot on improving my focus and eye-hand coordination, balance, agility,  conditioning,  as well as general movement mechanics, which I feel has helped me a lot on the bike.

What really separates FPL from any other gym is that the staff make the training fun and enjoyable, and that they always have their best interests in you. If you want to improve your fitness in any way, I would definitely say that FPL is the place to go.

Don Wewege

African Canoe Slalom Champion and national U21 Canoe Polo team head Coach

The facilities and training provided at FPL are world class! I have felt large improvements in my performance while utilizing the training. FPL is now the home of our Cape Town based national canoe polo squad members, and all the players are seeing great improvements in their games. The staff are professional, knowledgeable, and were able to identify the perfect program for each athlete to achieve their individual goals.

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